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If there are teeth in your smile with cracked and chipped to enamel, or even decay, you don’t have to choose between restoring teeth for form and function over appearance. At Wasco Family Dental, we offer cosmetic dental restorations in Canal Fulton that allow your smile to both feel and look healthy. 

Restorative Dentistry with an Emphasis on Cosmetics Canal Fulton Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental cosmetics aren’t just about giving you a flawless, white smile. Dental restorations that emphasize cosmetic appeal allow you to enjoy renewed oral health and an appearance you can feel good about. Dr. Wasco’s cosmetic and restorative dental services include:

Composite Fillings – We avoid the use of amalgam in dental fillings for both cosmetic and functional reasons. Metal amalgam can contract and expand with temperature changes, causing tooth sensitivity or the potential for cracking teeth. However, composite resin does not produce these side effects and is tooth-colored, blending into your natural smile. 

Dental Crowns – Crowns protect teeth that have suffered damage from decay and infection. Dental crowns help boost the strength of teeth, while allowing your smile to look healthy. Depending on where a damaged tooth is located in your smile, Dr. Wasco offers crowns in a variety of materials, such as porcelain-over-metal crowns for back teeth, and life-like zirconia, e.max® or porcelain layered crowns for maximum aesthetic restoration on visible, front teeth.

Porcelain Veneers – Veneers provide a conservative fix for teeth that are chipped, cracked, or oddly shaped. By placing a veneer – a thin sheet of tooth-colored porcelain – over teeth, your smile looks more uniform and is cosmetically enhanced.

Fixed Bridges – When you have a missing tooth, or teeth, it can become difficult to bite and chew. But a fixed dental bridge made from porcelain and ceramic can fill gaps caused by tooth loss and provide you with a full and beautiful smile.

Implant Restoration – For those who are good candidates for oral surgery, and who prefer a more permanent solution to tooth loss, dental implants provide the ultimate in restoration to serve both oral function and cosmetic appeal. Our Canal Fulton cosmetic dental office provides restorations for dental implants, include implant crowns, bridges, and even implant-supported dentures. We created these prosthetics with longevity and aesthetics in-mind, so you get a full restored smile that looks beautiful.

Teeth Whitening – Dr. Wasco can supply custom take-home whitening trays to help patients lift discoloration caused by coffee, tea, and tobacco from dental enamel. On average, patients see smiles that are 3 shades whiter.

Whether you are experiencing tooth decay, missing teeth, or stained and chipped teeth, our aesthetically appealing restorations provide the care you need.

Natural Results for Restored Teeth

During cosmetic dental restorations at Wasco Family Dental, we can have a representative from our trusted lab come into the office and perform digital color mapping. This allows us to get a profile of neighboring teeth and matching current dental Canal Fulton Cosmetic Dental Restorationsenamel shade with porcelain layers when creating your restorations.  These layers on colors of porcelain help to make crowns and bridges look translucent and natural in color – the same as the natural tooth as you had before. This custom work can also be performed to ensure best results on implants restorations for front, highly visible teeth in your smile.

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