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Endodontic care helps correct problems that affect the complex systems of roots and pulp inside teeth. Root canals are the most common endodontic procedure that patients need to treat and preserve infected or severely damaged teeth, where bacteria have entered the inner systems of the tooth.

At Wasco Family Dental, we help patients keep their teeth and enjoy healthy smiles with root canal therapy in Canal Fulton, OH. 

Why Root Canals are Necessary

Root Canal Therapy at Wasco Family Dental in Canal Fulton, OH 44614

Keeping your own, organic teeth is ideal for your health, wellness, and the longevity of your smile. Your natural teeth have roots that are securely anchored in bone, which promotes bone health, and allow you to bite and chew with full power. When teeth are so damaged by infection that they need to be extracted, however, patients are faced with the complicated decision of how they will replace teeth and maintain their dental health.

Avoiding tooth extraction and the complications that come with it is our goal in providing root canal therapy in Canal Fulton.  With a root canal, Dr. Wasco can remove the damaged interior pulp of teeth, while preserving tooth structure and roots, allowing your tooth to remain a healthy part of your smile.

Endodontic Treatment with Root Canals

Whenever possible, Dr. Wasco utilizes root canals to help you keep your teeth for as long as you are able.  Root canal therapy at Wasco Family Dental offers patients with damaged and compromised teeth the following benefits: 

Modern Dental Technology –During root canal procedures, Dr. Wasco uses rotary endodontic instruments, which are more durable and prevent the complications that using standard root canal processes can create, such as the possibility of re-infection.

Improved Treatment Results – Our root canal dental technology allows Dr. Wasco to more thoroughly treat the 

Endodontic Care at Wasco Family Dental in Canal Fulton, OH 44614

inside of your teeth and shape root canal systems. In this way, infected dental pulp can be more comprehensively removed, so your tooth is restored to full health and is free of infection-causing bacteria.

Conservative Care – While a root canal may seem like an extensive process, many patients find it is actually a comfortable and conservative dental treatment that allows you to maintain your health by keeping your teeth in-tact and in-place.

While Dr. Wasco is able to extract severely damaged teeth, if truly necessary, he enjoys helping patients keep their own teeth with root canal therapy. Tooth extraction is a final, irreversible procedure that a root can help successfully prevent.

Learn More about Root Canal Therapy in Canal Fulton – Contact Dr. Wasco Today

If you are experiencing tooth pain, or dental pulp and nerves have been exposed due to dental trauma, a root canal can help alleviate discomfort and allow you to keep your smile healthy.  Contact Wasco Family Dental today to see if a root canal can help you save your teeth.

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